SaaS Companies are Different

They are driven by metrics — or at least they should be. If your accounting systems are bad, how good are your metrics? And, as a result, how good are your business decisions?


/sasəˈnämiks/  noun.


1. a complete outsourced accounting solution for recurring revenue companies with integrated metrics, financial projections, and accounting tech stacks.

revenue churn
customer churn

What People are Saying About SaaSenomics

"Monty has worked with me for more years, and across more startups, than I care to admit. I consider him my secret weapon in finance."
- Jason Lemkin, SaaStr
“We had a good accounting firm but they lacked the SaaS expertise we needed.  With SaaSenomics we got a SaaS-focused solution and saved money.”
- Jon Shalowitz, Liftigniter 
“Our acquisition went smoothly with support of Monty and his team. Great service and especially when it really mattered”
Tyler Smith, SkySlope

Our Services - The SaaSenomics System

The SaaSenomics System delivers a complete financial management solution for recurring revenue companies.


Metric Dashboards

We’ll help you determine the right metrics for your business at each stage, calculate these metrics and show them in an online dashboard.  Keep your management team and investors informed on trends and use this actionable intelligence to drive better business decisions. We also fine tune your accounting systems that drive the metrics.


SaaS-focused Accounting

We customize your accounting system especially for a SaaS or recurring revenue business. Then, we process all the day-to-day accounting transactions.  Once per month, we close the books and prepare financial reports, giving you the information you need when you need it.  


Financial Projections

Knowing your burn rate is crucial but also knowing when to accelerate spending if justified will have a huge impact on the success of your company. We can help you create financial projections using the same format as the actual reports for easy comparison and efficient fundraising due diligence.  


SaaS Tool Integration

If you are going to scale your accounting, your tech stack must be solid.  We help integrate your tools to streamline the process and provide accurate account data for your metrics.  The right systems create efficiencies that save you money now and as you grow.


Some of the Tools We Use

QuickBooks Online
Analysis &
Revenue Recognition

Meet Our Leadership Team

Monty Montgomery

Monty Montgomery loves helping entrepreneurs succeed by helping them understand the financial aspects of their business. For startups, that's monitoring and understanding the cash burn. He has 28 years of experience in finance and accounting ⁠— 10 years working with different recurring revenue businesses like Automile, Skyslope, SaaStr, and Metacloud. Having supported numerous acquisitions and funding rounds, Monty realized the need for an accounting service that is tailored to recurring revenue business models, which prompted him to create the SaaSenomics division at MontPac.

Raul Vergara

Raul’s favorite part of accounting is converting data into meaningful insights. For him, this is what accounting is all about ⁠—making informed decisions from reports and metrics. His role as the Senior Team Leader for service delivery of the SaaSenomics team allows him to do just that. Seeing his clients secure funding, grow their customer base, expand the business, and improve profitability is rewarding for him.

Diane Sarmiento

Diane was faced with a difficult choice between Engineering and Accounting for her bachelor’s degree. Trusting her gut, she went for the latter. Diane finished her degree in 2013, passed the CPA board exam, and soon after, worked as a Senior Associate at SGV & Co. / Ernst & Young Philippines, the country’s largest accounting firm. She continued to expand her expertise in different accounting systems and international accounting standards by taking various courses and completing certifications. A few years later, Diane left Manila and went back to her hometown to work as a team leader at MontPac where she became one of the key leaders of the SaaSenomics line of service. For Diane, seeing her team members flourish in their field and get recognized is a rewarding experience which confirms her choice of Accounting.

Joseph Ramos

As a kid, Joseph would get frustrated every time the computer crashed in the middle of a game he was playing, which prompted him to think of all the ways to fix it himself. From then on, Joseph’s fascination with computers grew. He would watch technicians repair and assemble computers, do it on his own, and get excited whenever he found a solution to hardware or software problems. That’s when he knew he would pursue a career in Information Technology (IT). Fast forward to almost 20 years later, Joseph is now AVP of IT for SaaSenomics at MontPac. He and his team ensure a smooth and efficient workflow for clients. His 10 years of professional experience plus his personal passion for computers make him the IT guy that everyone trusts and relies on today.

...and the Rest of the Team

We have over 100 accountants based in the Philippines with solid expertise in US GAAP, accounting software systems (QuickBooks Online, Xero, Intaact, NetSuite) and SaaS business tools.

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