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For Venture Capitalists & Investors:

We offer a free financial due diligence service to VCs. This is an accountant-focused approach for accuracy of financial statements and SaaS metrics, and includes a sanity check on the financial projections.  We wrap up with a report of findings to be shared with both investors and the startup.


Financial statement analysis: revenue recognition, COGS and OpEx to understand the general accuracy of the financial statements.  
Early stage startups without access to experienced CFOs or controllers don’t always get this right.

Proof of bookings to revenue to cash cycle.

Evaluation of SaaS metrics. For example, are the metrics accurate or flawed because they are based on bad accounting or bad account data?

We do a deep dive on LTV:CAC ratio.

Projection review: what are the key assumptions? Are there any major expense items missing? Is cash burn accurate?

Summary report: major deficiencies and findings. 

For Startups:

Whether you are closing an investment round or preparing for an acquisition, SaaSenomics will identify any gaps or problems before they become deal killers. We get your financial statements, projections and key files in order so the process goes quickly and smoothly. 


We will review your current books and projections for reasonableness and accuracy.

Our recommendations put the company in the most positive light and make the process more efficient.

We start by preparing a sample due diligence checklist similar to what an acquirer would use.

Then, we gather or create the items on the due diligence checklist for you.

A secure online archive is created for easy transfer to the eventual data room.


SaaSenomics took over our books and provided very detailed financial statements, including receipts and invoices for each transaction. This has saved me so much time! I highly recommend SaaSenomics for any growing business.

Neil Ahlsten



Due Diligence Support Services for VCs and Startups

Whether you’re a startup or an investor we offer a variety of services — including accuracy of financial statements and projections, revenue recognition, proof of bookings to revenue to cash cycle, acquisition guidance and more — to make sure you can make solid business decisions based on the most accurate financial information.

Services we offer include:

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