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SaaS companies are driven by metrics. Behind every SaaS metric is accurate accounting. If your accounting isn't legit, neither are your metrics or your business decisions.

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/sasəˈnämiks/  noun.

A complete outsourced accounting solution for recurring revenue companies with integrated metrics, financial projections, and accounting tech stacks.







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Trusted by The SaaS CFO

Why the SaaS CFO and Others Recommend SaaSenomics

"Monty has worked with me for more years, and across more startups, than I care to admit. I consider him my secret weapon in finance."

Jason Lemkin

CEO, SaaStr

“We had a good accounting firm but they lacked the SaaS expertise we needed.  With SaaSenomics we got a SaaS-focused solution and saved money.”

Jon Shalowitz

CEO, Liftigniter

“Our acquisition went smoothly with support of Monty and his team. Great service and especially when it really mattered.”

Tyler Smith

CEO, Skyslope

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"Monty and the SaaSenomics team understand SaaS.  The accounting foundation is so important to set up correctly for SaaS companies.  They understand the SaaS finance tech stack and can produce accurate and timely financial statements." - Ben Murray


We customize your accounting system especially for a SaaS or recurring revenue business. Then, we process all the day-to-day accounting transactions. Once per month, we close the books and prepare financial reports, giving you the information you need when you need it.

Our ongoing services include:

Accounts payable processing

Payroll processing

Customer invoicing & accounts
receivable management,
including collections

Bank reconciliations,
monthly closing entries &
financial reporting

Sales and Use Tax, 1099s,
other daily accounting


We’ll help you determine the right metrics for your business at each stage, calculate these metrics, and show them in an online dashboard. We also fine tune your accounting systems that drive the metrics.


Accurate financial projections are essential to startup success.

Knowing your burn rate is crucial but also knowing when to accelerate spending — if justified — will have a huge impact on the success of your company. We can help you create financial projections using the same format as the actual reports for easy comparison to plan and efficient fundraising due diligence.


We help you integrate your tools to streamline the process and provide accurate account data for your metrics

Tools we use:


Whether you’re a startup or an investor we offer a variety of services — including accuracy of financial statements and projections, revenue recognition, proof of bookings to revenue to cash cycle, acquisition guidance and more — to make sure you can make solid business decisions based on the most accurate financial information.

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